Expansion Broadcast was established in September 2003 as one of the pioneer radio programs of Destroyer.net, with a focus on providing exceptional drum and bass, hip hop, and UK Garage music from the Washington DC/Baltimore region. IllEffect, the founder, collaborated with MC insuWRECKtionist and Direct Logic as co-hosts, during its debut from College Park, Maryland. One year later, EXBC moved to Washington, DC, and Shade became the new co-host.

During the summer of 2004, Expansion Broadcast expanded its family, bringing on board four of the finest DJs/producers in Washington DC: Deinfamous, Darkenetiks, Hitoi, and Ransom, who added variety and new talent to EXBC, which shifted its focus almost entirely to drum & bass music.

Over the years, Expansion Broadcast has undergone significant changes. While continuing to showcase drum & bass, thanks to Deinfamous, IllEffect, and numerous EXBC podcast contributors, the current lineup of hosts also delve into other genres, such as dubstep, bass music, house, and techno.

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